Living Our Mission!

Last weekend was a busy one for Quest!

On Saturday, Dec 3 a group of volunteers served lunch to the families of babies in the NICU unit at an area hospital. Because of HIPAA, the pictures aren’t too great, but here is one showing the group getting ready to serve:

Thanks to the area grocers and companies that donated food and/or gift cards. Thanks also to those that prepared food and donated crock pots!  We served smoked brisket sandwiches, green beans, sweet potatoes and desserts. Please keep the families of babies in the NICU in your prayers, especially at this time of the year. Celebrating the holidays with a baby in the hospital is extremely difficult and our prayer is that by providing a warm meal, we were able to provide temporary relief from some of the stress these families are facing.

On Sunday, December 5, we went SHOPPING!

Along with several of the kids from Quest, we journeyed to Wal-Mart to purchase toys for Toys for Tots and the Angel Tree programs. At Quest, we don’t have a time during our service when we ask for tithes, but it does cost money to run the ministry. The money Quest receives in tithes goes to keeping the lights on and to outreach (the service and social events we have each month). Quest’s pastoral staff is completely unpaid, leaving that money to go toward bettering the lives of others through Jesus.  On top of the monthly outreach activities, Quest donates 10% of the year’s given tithes to the community each December. Purchasing the toys for Toys for Tots was a part of this yearly Quest tithe and we had so much fun picking out the goodies.

FULL CARTS!! Such a great experience for everyone involved.  🙂


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