Coupon Crazy!

Last Friday marked our first Coupon Party at Quest.  Led by Teresa Bodle, we brought our ads and clipped, clipped, clipped. Organizing our findings based on the current needs list from Hillcrest Transitional Housing, we stacked up scores of deals and managed to find a few spare minutes to enjoy insanely delicious cake, hummus, chex mix, and gabbing (of course).

Because we wanted as many people as possible to help us collect, clip and sort coupons, we had a $50 Visa gift card on hand to give away in a drawing! Just showing up to the party was the first way to enter, but bringing friends and donations earned extra entries into the drawing!

Stephanie Moreno walked away with the gift card– the lucky duck brought scads of donations along with her for the party, so her name was entered into the drawing approximately 1 million times! Thanks, Stephanie!!

On Saturday, a group hit the stores to rack up major deals for the great people at Hillcrest.

Before coupons, our grand total was $500.

Thanks to all the coupon crazy ladies, we were able to bring that total down to…

(Drum roll, please….)


Thank you to everyone who helped with this event! It is so exciting to have been able to provide Hillcrest with much-needed items. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to join in next time!

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