March Newsletter

March is here!  It doesn’t seem as though we’ve really had winter yet, but let’s hope spring comes quickly, anyway!

By clicking the link below, you will be able to read Quest’s March newsletter.  Take a moment to read and enjoy it and mark your calendars for any of the events that look interesting to you.  Be sure to read more on our website at!

Click here to read the newsletter: Mar 2012


Coupon Crazy!

Last Friday marked our first Coupon Party at Quest.  Led by Teresa Bodle, we brought our ads and clipped, clipped, clipped. Organizing our findings based on the current needs list from Hillcrest Transitional Housing, we stacked up scores of deals and managed to find a few spare minutes to enjoy insanely delicious cake, hummus, chex mix, and gabbing (of course).

Because we wanted as many people as possible to help us collect, clip and sort coupons, we had a $50 Visa gift card on hand to give away in a drawing! Just showing up to the party was the first way to enter, but bringing friends and donations earned extra entries into the drawing!

Stephanie Moreno walked away with the gift card– the lucky duck brought scads of donations along with her for the party, so her name was entered into the drawing approximately 1 million times! Thanks, Stephanie!!

On Saturday, a group hit the stores to rack up major deals for the great people at Hillcrest.

Before coupons, our grand total was $500.

Thanks to all the coupon crazy ladies, we were able to bring that total down to…

(Drum roll, please….)


Thank you to everyone who helped with this event! It is so exciting to have been able to provide Hillcrest with much-needed items. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to join in next time!

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Don’t Miss Out!

I should apologize for the absence of blog posts for the last few weeks. I’ve been busy planning Quest’s 2012 and it’s certainly going to be an exciting year!

A newsletter will come out next week detailing the upcoming events, but I want you to have a heads up as soon as possible on a few things. Here’s some of the cool stuff in store:

Jan 24: Qexchange at 7pm  NEW BOOK!  We will be reading The Search for Significance. All are welcome, you do not need to attend Quest. This is held at the Clifton home, please email micah at quest2819 dot org for location information.

Jan 29: Prayer Breakfast at 8am at Quest. Join us for a short prayer session and breakfast before church on Sundays. This is held every Sunday, with breakfast being served every other Sunday. The 29th is a breakfast day, so don’t miss it!

Feb 5: First Sunday Potluck at noon at Quest. Bring a side dish and get to know each other better!

Feb 5: Super Bowl Party at 5pm at the Hartzheim home. Click here for more info

Feb 10: Youth Pizza and Planning Event  Are you a teen or do you enjoy hanging out with the awesome teens at Quest? Please come to our planning party as we find out what this great group of young people are interested in and are seeking from Quest.  Click here for more info!

Feb 17: Winter Jam Tour Spectacular Don’t miss this awesome concert at the Sprint Center!  We’ll carpool down there, tickets are only $10 at the door. Click here for more info.

Feb 24: Coupon Party at Quest at 6:30pm  Bring your coupons from the Sunday paper (start saving now!!) to this clipping party. We’ll match them to store ads and buy groceries for families in need.

Mar 24: Volunteer at Hillcrest Transitional Housing Thrift Store 10am-1pm   Join us as we help set up shop for Hillcrest Thrift Store’s grand opening! This is a great organization that helps get underprivileged and/or homeless people back on the path to success. More info here.

That should keep us all busy for a while!! If you have any questions about any of the events, please comment here or email micah at quest2819 dot org.  It’s not too late to get involved with anything you see listed above.

As always, prayer requests can be submitted here and will go straight to Pastor Corey.

Christmas Party Recap

Last Friday we celebrated Christmas at Quest with a good ole’ Minute To Win It Christmas  party challenge!

What’s that? You don’t know what Minute To Win It is??  Oh, my friend, you are missing out!  The TV show lends itself to at-home duplication of the 60-second challenges using household items. The tasks seem relatively easy, but when you’re racing the clock, the pressure mounts!

Our games were neatly packaged (if I do say so myself) with all the supplies necessary to keep the evening flowing smoothly:

We had a group of about 30, which was perfect! Some people played every game, some played a few games, some just watched the fun. We had food and drinks, galore!

The competition was Team Red vs Team Green, though we ended up not keeping score. I was too into the games to remember to award candy canes to the point jars!

Alright, on to the funny stuff:

Jingle In The Trunk: Attach a Kleenex box to your rear and shake the bells out in 60 seconds!

Face the Gingerbread Man: Get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth in 60 seconds without using your hands!

Wreath In One: Throw four balls through the wreath and into your bucket in 60 seconds.

Gift Bag Grab: Pick up gift bags of various heights with your mouth and set them on a chair. Don’t let anything but your feet touch the floor!

Reindeer Nose Dive: Holding a string in your mouth with a pompom attached to the opposite end, get the pompom to stick the Vaseline on your nose without using any body parts!

How much did you enjoy those pictures?? There are videos that are even better, but technical issues are keeping the stars of those films from being exposed for all to see. (Think: Andrew Clifton doing handstands, cartwheels, and booty bumps trying to get the bells out of his kleenex box!)

To say the party was really, really fun would be an understatement. So many people have talked about how great it was, we’ll definitely do it again next year. Hope you can come!

Living Our Mission!

Last weekend was a busy one for Quest!

On Saturday, Dec 3 a group of volunteers served lunch to the families of babies in the NICU unit at an area hospital. Because of HIPAA, the pictures aren’t too great, but here is one showing the group getting ready to serve:

Thanks to the area grocers and companies that donated food and/or gift cards. Thanks also to those that prepared food and donated crock pots!  We served smoked brisket sandwiches, green beans, sweet potatoes and desserts. Please keep the families of babies in the NICU in your prayers, especially at this time of the year. Celebrating the holidays with a baby in the hospital is extremely difficult and our prayer is that by providing a warm meal, we were able to provide temporary relief from some of the stress these families are facing.

On Sunday, December 5, we went SHOPPING!

Along with several of the kids from Quest, we journeyed to Wal-Mart to purchase toys for Toys for Tots and the Angel Tree programs. At Quest, we don’t have a time during our service when we ask for tithes, but it does cost money to run the ministry. The money Quest receives in tithes goes to keeping the lights on and to outreach (the service and social events we have each month). Quest’s pastoral staff is completely unpaid, leaving that money to go toward bettering the lives of others through Jesus.  On top of the monthly outreach activities, Quest donates 10% of the year’s given tithes to the community each December. Purchasing the toys for Toys for Tots was a part of this yearly Quest tithe and we had so much fun picking out the goodies.

FULL CARTS!! Such a great experience for everyone involved.  🙂

Acts of Kindness for Kids

We are halfway through the 30 Deeds in 30 Days challenge! 

How are you doing?

Have you remembered to share an act of kindness every day so far?  If so, awesome!!! Chances are, you may have forgotten here and there, gotten unexpectedly busy or even come down with a bug (hopefully not!).

I’ve been doing little things each day, but have to admit that sometimes at the end of the day I look back and try to find something I can “count” for that day.

Is that really what this challenge is about?  Scrambling to find good deeds to “count” for the 30 days?  No, I know it’s not. It’s about realizing the needs of people right next to us. It’s about sharing kindness, love and joy with a stranger. It’s about showing the heart of Jesus in a non-threatening way.

I was blog-browsing the other day and came across a few awesome ideas of acts of kindness to do with your kids. You could do one per day, one per week, or several in one day. As parents, we have the important responsibility of teaching our children to love one another. Not just those who look like us, dress like us, talk like us, not even just those we’ve met. We must teach our children to be aware of the needs of everyone.

With that being said, enjoy this list of kid-friendly ideas for this month!

  • Leave a box of girl scout cookies with a thank you note for your mailman.
  • Take a plate of cookies or muffins to your nearest fire station. Even if you’ve never need their services, I bet you sleep better at night knowing they’re  close by. Thank them for helping the community!
  • Have your kids make cards and deliver them to your local nursing home.
  • Take two vases of flowers to the hospital.  Ask the volunteer coordinator to put them on a floor where they’ll be appreciated the most.
  • While at the hospital delivering flowers, leave coloring books and new crayons at the kids’ table in the waiting room.
  • Leave a ziploc of change taped to a vending machine with a note attached saying, “Enjoy this random act of kindness!”
  • Leave a donation in a food drive bin. These are often located at churches, schools, grocery stores, etc.
  • Take cookies to your local librarians.
  • Hide easter eggs around a park. Tie a basket to a pole on the playground with a note that says “Have an egg hunt and enjoy this random act of kindness!”
  • Take your kids to the dollar store and let them each hide a dollar bill in the toy aisle for another child to find. He or she will be so excited to get to buy a toy!!
  • Mail coupons for a free cherry limeade at Sonic or movie tickets to a friend or family in need of a little cheer.
  • Leave a few diapers and pack of wipes on the changing table in a public restroom. Don’t forget to attach a note!
  • Buy a pack of Silly Bandz and let your kids pass them out to every child they see while out and about one day.

These ideas are so much FUN! I can’t wait to do a few with my kids.  Enjoy! 

Don’t forget to share how your month is going!