April Newsletter

The April newsletter has been published!  I hope you can take a moment to read through it because we have a lot of awesome activities going on this month!  You can find more info about all of them at http://www.quest2819.org/events.html

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April 2012


The Performance Trap

When God considers you, does He deceive Himself in some way or does He know who you truly are?

If He knows who we truly are, then why do we preface His understanding of us with phrases such as “in God’s eyes we are righteous” or “forgiven” or “loved” or “pleasing” and so on? Are we trying to say that God is not living in reality? That He is somehow involved in self-deception? Is he just some old grandparent type who wants to overlook the faults of His grandchildren? Either He really knows who you are or He doesn’t. Playing with words this way keeps us from experiencing the reality of who we are. It also dishonors who God is. 

The second question is, If you think of yourself differently than God thinks of you, who is mistaken, you or God? How often do we allow our minds to overrule what God says is true? Keep in mind, you were made by and for God. He has placed within you needs that only He can meet. If we try to have these needs met by another person or persons, we will end up frustrated, angry, and unfulfilled.  (The Search for Significance, McGee)

During our Tuesday night Qexchange meetings, we’ve been reading and discussing the book, The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee. In the book, McGee covers four deceptions that we often believe about ourselves when looking in the mirror.

McGee lists the first false deception we believe about ourselves as the performance trap.

The Performance Trap: I must meet certain standards to feel good about myself.

Ah yes, I think many of us know this one well. Being married to a soccer coach who believes in and incorporates a “no guilt, no shame, no blame” curriculum on the field, his coaching philosophy is actually a life philosophy. When I’m stuck in the performance trap, afraid to move because I might mess up, he sets me straight. Who cares if you mess up? What’s the worst that can happen?

There are so many consequences that come along with the performance trap: the fear of failure, perfectionism, anxiety, manipulation of others to achieve success, withdrawal from healthy risks…. the list goes on.

Messing up actually creates immense character, you know. Mistakes make a man! (If that’s not a “real” saying, it should be.) Andrew encourages his soccer players to get out of their comfort zones on the field. They are pushed to try new things, regardless of success or failure. When a mistake occurs, he yells out to them mid-game, “Next thing! Next thing! make it a positive and productive thing!”

God’s answer to the performance trap is justification.  He has given us a secure self-worth totally apart from our ability to perform. We have been justified and placed in right standing before God through Christ’s death on the cross, which paid for our sins. 

See, Christ became like us so we can become like Him.  He took on our sins so we can take on his righteousness.

McGee writes, “I once heard a radio preacher berate his congregation for their hidden sins. He exclaimed, ‘Don’t you know that someday you’re going to die and God is going to flash all your sins upon a giant screen in heaven for all the world to see?’ How tragically this minister misunderstood God’s gracious gift of justification!”

Justification carries no guilt with it and has no memory of past transgressions. 

Success or failure is not the basis of your self-worth! Our worth has been given to us by God and cannot be taken away by mistakes or the disapproval of others. 

Big News!

A few exciting news items to announce!

First, we are beginning a new book for our weekly Qexchange group.

The book Making Sense of Scripture will take us more in depth into the Sunday series we are near to finishing at Quest. We’ll talk about the inconsistencies in the Bible, their purposes, the authors, and more. Expect to challenge your mind as we bend and twist it in new ways!

Second, our new series Expecting Jesus will begin November 27th. Every year, Advent returns to us with a message of what was, what is, and what is yet to come. The advent wreath reminds us of the growing light pressing against the increasing darkness of the season. As we gather, we are reminded that Christ meets us in this dark space and place, and draws us into the time when He will come again. The risen Christ is with us, and presses into our darkness with light and life. Find out more about this Sunday series on our website.

Lastly and most importantly, November 27th is not only the date our new Sunday series begins, but is also the date that Corey McDonald takes the stage as lead pastor at Quest!!


Corey has been the associate pastor at Quest for the past 3 years. He has a strong talent for speaking, an overflowing passion for people and a bursting heart for Jesus. His energy is nothing short of contagious! He LOVES the Chiefs and Mizzou and you’ll likely hear him still bragging about beating the 12 year olds in basketball at our Grand Opening. 🙂 We’ll have a potluck celebration after church on Nov 20 and Corey’s first official Sunday as pastor will be November 27. Oh, and he smokes the BEST (award-winning) ribs I’ve ever tasted, which totally adds to his coolness. Here’s a link to the news article on the website that provides a few more details about the change.

God is doing such BIG things with Quest! Please join us on our journey, either physically or prayerfully as we continue going and growing where the spirit leads.

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Can you believe it?

We’re over halfway through!!

How has the challenge been going for you?

Have you diligently been doing good deeds daily?

Maybe you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. It’s such a busy time of year!

Regardless of your progress, here are some ideas to finish out the month:

Do you know someone who is unemployed or under-employed? A blog lists great ideas for helping out:

  • Help with ancillaries for a job search. Consider a month’s worth of Internet access to complete their applications, printer paper or ink cartridges, or a gas card for job interviews
  • Fulfill a family need. Put together a basket of household supplies or treats for school lunches, grocery cards, clothing for the kids or payment toward a utility.
  • A chance to pretend that life is “normal” again. Instead of toys, perhaps you could pay for a child’s extracurricular activity, get movie rental coupons or theatre passes, or a sitter so the parents can have some couple time, a precious commodity in normal circumstances.
  • The gift of time. So often, our activities in life circle around things that cost money, and a job loss may mean a loss of those activities – and, sadly, relationships. An offer to join you for a relaxing evening at your home can often do so much.

Having “been there”, she says that it may seem like just a few dollars to you, but to them, it’s a sign they aren’t alone.


Here are more ideas:

  • Take the trash to the curb for your neighbor on trash day.
  • Bake cookies for the mailman, trash man, bus driver, etc!
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry or kitchen during the holiday season.
  • Pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
  • Take a cup of coffee or bottled water to the crosswalk guard.

Add your own ideas!!

November 2

Here are the good deeds that have been reported so far today:

Janice helped her husband & mom, who both have trouble getting around, to get out & vote.

Susan took a friend out for lunch for her 30 Deeds in 30 days. Here’s where it gets interesting – when she told her friend she was buying her lunch, the girl taking the order said “I heard about that”! Then they talked for quite sometime about the idea!!!! Keep going – it’s these unexpected consequences that make this event so special!

Melia cleaned out her closet and donated clothes to the Community Service League!

Micah thanked her daughter’s teachers for being so wonderful!

Nancy took juice to her daughter-in-law who wasn’t feeling well.

Elaine paid for the person behind her at Wendys drive thru today. She said it felt good to drive off knowing how surprised that woman was going to be 🙂

Austin made coffee for his mom this morning!

Sheryl lent her car to her neighbor so she could make it to a job interview.

Gail went visited 5 people she had not seen in many years!

Nicole bought coffee for a classmate at her 8am class.

Melia also held the door opened at her school, Longview College, and handed out the 30 Deed cards to everyone that passed her!

Mike made cookies for Bevin last night. As for today: he listens to several podcasts on a weekly basis over at smodcast.com, one of which is called Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave! .” About a month or two ago they did a benefit show for an Army soldier by the name of Brendan Marrocco who lost both his arms and legs in Iraq. Mike had been meaning to donate to this cause ever since but just hadn’t got around to it. But the 30 in 30 was a good reminder so today he donated $10.00. Mike says that if anyone is looking for ideas in the next few weeks, this is an easy one. All you have to do is click the link below, read through the site if you like, click on the little donate now button, and fill in the blanks. www.brendanmarrocco.org

Lisa: My good deed for today? Rescuing my busy, harried husband from a cranky, poopy, hungry, teething baby who decided that NOW was not quick enough.

Sandra: I drove my sick man flu having husband home from work and me back to work again forfeiting my lunch break to do it!

Liz: My husband’s deed for the day was meeting me at the auto parts store in between clients to buy & install a new car battery for me…. (I got stranded at work w/ a dead battery)

Dan invited Andrew and Mike to an MU basketball game, completely out of the blue!

November 1

How did the first day go for you?  Here are some of the deeds we’ve been told about from today. Add yours in the comments section!

Kathy T made notecards and sent them to someone she doesn’t see often.

Sue H gave a 9 volt battery to her doctor’s assistant and reminded her to change her smoke detector battery.

Corey M took a coworker with no money out for lunch.

Karen M picked up her granddaughter from preschool since her daughter was sick. When she brought her back to her daughter’s house, she also had dinner for the family!

What else has been done?? Please comment here or write on the facebook wall!

If you’d rather be kept anonymous, email your deed to sue@quest2819.org.